Landlord Takes Trash Left Behind By Former Tenant And Heads To Their New Home With A Dumpster….

It’s a gamble when renting out an apartment or home, you never know what type of tenants you will get. You usually set rules when renting, like limiting the number of tenants, whether or not to allow pets, etc…. But what do you do when your tenants break the rules, like not paying rent, or perhaps leaving trash behind when they vacate. For landlord Thomas Ravaux, he believes in treating others as he’s treated.

The property in Rozoy-sur-Serre in Aisne, France had tenants that simply didn’t take care of the place. They hadn’t paid their rent for 14 months and after moving out, they left behind furniture, clothes, trash, pet waste and more.

This upset Ravaux very much. He would have to get all of the garbage and clutter out of the apartment, clean it and make costly repairs just to make it habitable for the next tenants.

The video of the dump was posted on social media along with pictures to show what a mess they had left behind. Shame on you. This is how this flat was returned to me. Living like that with three kids, bravo. Shame on you,” the post read.

He also added to the end of the post, “Good luck to your new landlord,” as he bid them a fond farewell.

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