WARNING: This Fuzzy Creature Is Hiding A Secret That Could Kill Your Loved Ones And It’s In The U.S.

When I first saw pictures of this fluffy critter, my first reaction was how cute it was. While it may resemble a napping cat, touching this little fella might actually be more dangerous than being bit by a rattlesnake.

And the worst part of this all is this creature calls the United States home. Please read on to learn how to stay safe.

While this creature may LOOK cute and cuddly, this deceptive bug is what is called a puss caterpillar. It lives in Northern and Central America where it often times falls out of trees and onto the heads of unsuspecting gardeners.

While appears that it is covered in fur, the fluff is actually hollow venomous needles. Their sting can be worse than a scorpion or a jellyfish, causing some peoplt to vomit and convulse.

These caterpillars eventually evolve into an adult moth known as a puss moth or a southern flannel moth.

If you shrubbery or wooded areas on your property and live in the southern U.S., please be on the lookout for these dangerous critters.

If you should come in contact with one, seek medical help IMMEDIATELY. The WORST thing you can do if stung is rub the wound or pour alcohol on it as this can actually cause the release of even more venom into your blood stream.

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