Kathy Bates Accepts Lip Synch Challenge Making Crowd Roar The Moment She Starts To Dance

People talk about differences between generations all the time. Their indeed are many things older generations do differently than younger generations. From lifestyle, work ethics, world views, and even music choices. We all grew up in different eras of music and have thus developed very different ideas of what good music is. There are a few, though, who grow to love and appreciate music in truly any era. We see many youngsters who love older songs and idolize pioneers in the music industry. Jazz is still alive and well, and there are many of those who belong to the older generation who have an appreciation for the new age in music.

In the entertainment industry, many celebrities are multitalented thespians who are always ready to put on a good show. If there’s anything an audience loves above everything else, it’s getting entertained by something they’ve never seen before. And if Kathy Bates most famously known for her unforgettable role in Misery lip syncing to Bruno Mars’ “That’s What I Like” is something you never thought you’d see in this lifetime, then you’re in for a treat.

Known in pop culture for her convincingly terrifying performance in the series American Horror Story and Misery Kathy Bates is an award-winning actress with an Oscar, two Emmys and two Golden Globes under her belt. Needless to say, she is one of the best actresses of her generation and among the most respected in the industry. At 70-years-old and with her many accolades, it was only a matter of time until she showed the world her prowess on the stage, and we love it!

Decked out in a faux fur coat, sunglasses, and a fedora hat a la Bruno Mars, the crowd erupted in cheer as the first notes of “That’s What I Like” played on stage. Kathy let out her inner gangsta and the crowd roared as she began performing. She stripped down to her leopard-print pajamas, surrounded by back up dancers in hotel staff outfits at her beck and call. The audience went wild as she got swooned over by male dancers in pyjamas, stroked a cadillac, and popped open a rock strawberry champagne, true to the song’s lyrics.

She danced to the beat and knew all her lyrics like the absolute pro that she is.

At the end of her performance, one of the show’s hosts, Chrissy Teigen said of the iconic performance,

“I finally have an answer when somebody asks me–which is always–‘What’s your favourite LSB moment ever?’ It is you on that stage, doing that foot slide.”

Watch out, Kathy Bates is coming for that Tony award!


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