Jack Black Meets With A Homeless Boy. When He Hears His Wish, He Breaks Down.

As part of the Red Nose Day campaign, actor-comedian Jack Black travelled to Uganda to meet with children living in poverty. The campaign’s goal is to raise money for children and young adults who live a life we never could imagine. In the following video, Jack spends the day with a homeless boy named Felix, a 12-year-old who is forced to live on the streets.

At the beginning of the video, Black jokingly makes a promise to viewers that he will NOT cry, but by the end of the video, that statement proves difficult. While visiting an impoverished area in Uganda, Black discusses the positive points he sees in the people and town, though it’s riddled with desperation and danger. “It’s no place for a kid to grow up,” he says, fighting back tears.

According to statistics given in the video, there are up to 150 million children living in the streets all over the globe. Felix shares with Jack about his past, and the circumstances that led to his life living on the streets. Felix lost his mother at a young age, and he never got the chance to meet his father. He says he has brothers and sisters, but has no clue where they are now.

Black, a father himself, is overcome by emotion as he listens to Felix’s story. He tells Black that his ultimate wish is for an education. “He wants an education, and I think that’s not a lot to ask,” the actor says. When Felix goes on to say that he wishes he could go home with Black, I broke down.

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