It Looks Like A Regular Toy. When She Removes The Foil? I Was Horrified!

Nicole Allen thought she’d get her daughter a cute new toy. What she got her turned out to be FAR from that. It’s called an “Evil Stick,” and is supposed to play music and invoke happy thoughts for children. The pink packaging, covered in brightly colored swirls and a fairy, gives no indication what’s hidden inside. When Nicole peeled back the foil on the wand, she was horrified with what she found. There was no cute little fairy – what she found was a disturbing image of a young girl slitting her wrist. The owner of the store where the wand is sold, Amar Moustafa, went on to defend the toy, claiming that parents should be more cautious buying toys for their children. Though the name “Evil Stick” is a bit foreboding, everything else about the toy appeals to young children.

Watch the video to see why Nicole, along with other concerned parents, want this toy pulled from the shelves, and please SHARE it with your friends on Facebook!


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