Imagine Coming Home To See This. This Is Truly Amazing.

Imagine coming home and finding your cats just chilling with these guys! I would never imagine seeing something like this, but Pam Aus from Unalaska, Alaska, gets awesome guests like this frequently.

Pam says her cats Gizmo and Suitcase aren’t bothered by the eagles, and the four of them often hang out on the porch together. They “basically get along just fine here.”

Pam writes, “I had gone on a short errand and when I came home I found the cats hanging out with these 2 eagles. During the summer these same two eagles hang out on my porch about every day like it is their own private perch.

They also have claim to the lamp post across the street from my house. I just happened to have my FlipVideo on me so I thought I would take a short video to show everyone that the eagles have no interest in eating my cats”.

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