If You’re Taking Your Children Swimming, You Need To Watch Out For This

In South Carolina, tragedy struck when a woman’s son died unexpectedly. Cassandra Jackson’s son Johnny was showing no signs of poor health as he walked home from a day of swimming in the public pool with his mother, but later in the afternoon he told his mother he was sleepy. She checked on him after she noticed he was asleep for a long time, but when she saw his face it was covered with a strange material and he she realized he had passed.

What’s even more tragic is the cause of death. Medical examiners ruled that it was a case of asphyxiation by way of drowning. Cassandra was shocked to hear this, but what had happened is actually not unheard of. While the video below reports it as dry drowning, many experts debate that is exactly what happened. What happened to Johnny was he had suffered some sort of lung injury during his day at the pool, and the effects became delayed as he could not get enough oxygen to breathe. What this means for parents is that you should closely monitor your children while they swim, especially if they inhale water and have any trouble breathing.

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