If You Do This With Your Car Air Conditioning, You Could Be Risking DEATH.

car air conditioner

What’s the first thing you do when you get in your car on a hot day? Blast your vehicle’s air conditioner.

But before you turn on the AC there’s one precaution you should take.

Before you turn on your car’s AC, you should always first open the windows. Why? Because of toxic benzene floating around your vehicle.

Although it’s a natural compound, benzene has been linked to cancer in humans because it accumulates in our liver, bones, and kidneys and our body has trouble eliminating it.

Car studies show that benzene builds up whenever temperatures reach 60°F or higher. Some scientists speculate that it may come from the hard plastic of the seats and just builds up inside the automobile. The best way to get rid of it is to your windows.

When you first turn on your vehicle’s air conditioning, the warm air it blows out contains the cancer-causing compound of benzene.

The idea is to roll down your windows before turning on the air conditioning the stale air loaded with benzen can be replaced with fresh air.

You can learn more about the dangers of benzene by reading about it on the American Cancer society’s website.

But since rolling down your windows is such an easy way to prevent breathing in the poisonous air, we recommend you get in the habit of doing it every time.

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