How To Turn Your Basement Into A Log Cabin Getaway For $107.

Who hasn’t dreamed of having a log cabin or even a “man cave”?! Redditor kelhans found a way to create both on a limited budget, and the results are spectacular!

This is what he started with, not much to look at, don’t you agree?


The planks will be become rustic floorboards



He got the cratewood free from a shipping company.



Yes, it will even include a fireplace, what’s a log cabin without one?

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Before the fake roof was installed to hide the plumbing and air ducts




Center beam for the ceiling is one of the few pieces of lumber he actually  purchased. Aged and stained for that rustic look.



The boards from the crates were hand hewn, giving them an aged and weathered look.



The fireplace makes a GREAT conversation piece, don’t you agree?


He took leftover lumber, and created some awesome rustic furniture.




The finished results are just mind blowing!

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It’s AMAZING what some creative thinking and a few dollars can get you! Share this masterpiece with your friends and family, it’s sure to awe them.

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