House for Sale: Three Bedrooms, Two Bathrooms and One Roller Coaster… Wait, say WHAT??

I only bought one house in my life and even though it was an amazing experience, there were moments that were dull. You know, the Realtor was tired so they would give you boring tours around houses that you know you couldn’t afford and ended up being a waste of time. I wish my Realtor would have done what this Dutch company does! In order to get some local buzz on a house — they added a roller coaster to take potential purchasers through the house. Even if I don’t like the house I would go and take a look at it, just to use the roller coaster, wouldn’t you?



The coaster carries potential buyer one at a time, from the ground floor, through the garage, then up the stairs to the first floor.



After rolling through the kitchen and living room, riders are sent across the patio and upstairs to the top floor of the house.



Passing through the second floor bedrooms and then outside again, the home tour roller coaster ride finishes in the back yard.



Watch the fun tour of this house:

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