His Brother Is On Stage Singing A Classic Song, It Leaves Everyone Teary Eyed.

This season’s “Britain’s Got Talent” has given us some of the most amazing performances we’ve yet seen, including this beautiful rendition of Billy Joel’s classic hit “She’s Always A Woman”, performed by Isaac Waddington. Remarkably, the young man behind this sultry and soulful voice is only 15 years old!

The part of his performance that really got to me was when the camera cut away to Isaac’s family. Tears rolls down his brother’s face, and you can see Isaac’s father’s eyes welling up. It’s obvious this is a family that is proud of their boy – and for good reason! Isaac’s performance is one that we won’t soon forget!

The season is still being shot, so we don’t know exactly how far Isaac will make it in this season of “Britain’s Got Talent.” We all bet he’s going to go all the way!

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