He’s Digging A Hole In The Ground. When I Saw Why, I Got Chills.

Because our way of life today consists of a constant barrage of information and stimuli, it’s easy to feel that the world has become an impersonal, cold place. That’s why stories like the ones featured in the video below have such significance to us – they remind us of the importance of reaching outside yourself to connect with another being.

The old adage that by helping others, you help yourself is one that rings more true today than ever. Stepping outside yourself to help someone in need should always be its own reward…but it does pay your soul back in turn. Please chime in to tell us about random acts of kindness that you’ve either done or that you’ve seen someone else do, and let us know how those acts made you feel. We’ll be waiting to hear your thoughts in the comments section, and if you think the world would benefit from watching this video, please SHARE it on Facebook!

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