Her Husband Found A Devastating Secret In Her Journal. His Response Left Me In Tears.

Living as a big girl in a skinny world is extremely difficult. Personally, I believe that all bodies are beautiful—but not everyone has gotten that memo. I’ve always been a bit overweight, and despite living an active lifestyle, my body will never be what society deems beautiful—and that’s okay! However, the bullying I have experienced as a result of my size has really taken a toll on my confidence. I’ve even been bullied at the gym of all places (what the hell?!). Over the years, I have learned to ignore the bullies and love my body, but for some reason, when it comes to relationships, all my self-doubt comes rushing back.

When this husband found his wife’s weight-loss journal, he was heartbroken to read about the devastation she felt by her recent weight gain. Reading that she felt unhappy, and out of control, he felt he needed to intervene. He wrote and performed a song for her titled “Through Thick And Thin”—a song declaring his undying love for his wife, no matter what her size. Listening to the lyrics of the song, I couldn’t help getting a little teary-eyed. His words are ones that every woman needs to hear!

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