Her Brother Was Rejected At Birth, So She Sends The World A Message About It.

Ace Eicher wants to introduce the world to her brother Archie, an adorable little boy who was once rejected because he was born with Down syndrome. Archie’s life started in Bulgaria, but through the unrelenting efforts of his new parents, would find a new life filled with love and support in the United States.

Ace points out all the things that make Archie the great person that he is, and how their bond will never be broken. The process to adopt Archie wasn’t simple, but you can tell by watching the video just how much the children mean to each other. They are inseparable, and share a love for each other that most siblings would be envious of.

It’s sad that children like Archie are unwanted in some societies, but as long as the world has people like Archie’s parents, children with disabilities can have a chance to lead a happy life. There are currently 400,000 people in the United States with Down syndrome, which can afflict any race or socioeconomic background.

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