He Wraps Tin Foil Around The Coffee Pot, I Didn’t Even Know This Was Possible.

A coffee maker is usually used for one thing – brewing coffee. Did you know that this simple household appliance could be used for more than just brewing coffee? Neither did I, but thanks to this video I learned that the coffee pot can be used for more than just making coffee – it can also be used to cook meals too. Although the recipes are fairly basic, that doesn’t take away from this wonderful kitchen hack. This would be great for trips away from home where all you have in your hotel room is a coffee maker, or even for a college student in the dorm room.

The following video shows us four meals that can be made with a coffee pot using a few simple ingredients, and of course, water. Will you give any of these a try? Have you ever used a coffee pot for cooking? Let us know in the comments section below and be sure to share this video with your friends.


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