He Stopped A Punk From Stealing $1,200 From Walmart. How They Repaid Him? We Need To Boycott Them!


When a man in the Prattville, Alabama Walmart was trying to leave the store with a cart overflowing with stolen goods, night manager Don Watson wasn’t about to let him steal from his company.

But nearly a month after Watson saved his Walmart store from this convicted robber, the company fired him for it.

After the man got outside the store, Watson followed him until he was able to confront the shoplifter. When he did, the thief punches the Walmart manger in the face but still Watson is able to hold him down until security comes to help.

“When I caught up to the individual he turned and grabbed me, struck me in the face and dragged me to the ground,” Watson described.

The shoplifter, Roderick Gray, was trying to steal $1,118 worth of goods from the Walmart store. And Watson said that Gray had stolen a total of $3,500 of products from the store in over the last nine days.

Because of Watson’s act of heroism, Gray was charged with first-degree robbery.

But Walmart didn’t like what Watson did and fired him.

It’s a policy of the store that employees are not supposed to follow shoplifters more than 10 feet out of the store. But if shoplifting does occur, Walmart takes the loss in money out of the sales associates pay. So not only was Watson saving Walmart money, he was helping his fellow employees.

He was fired for “gross misconduct.”

“It was just kind of strange,” Watson said. “It was strange that they came to this conclusion after 27 days. I thought I was protecting the company.”

And since he lost the job, Watson doesn’t know how he’ll pay his bills.

“I went from making a decent living, making almost $50,000 a year, to nothing,” he said.

Do you think Walmart should have fired Watson?

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