He Saved Over 600 People During The Holocaust. He Has No Idea They Are Sitting All Around Him.

If you have never heard the story of Sir Nicholas Winton, you are in for a treat. Today would be a poignant time to share it, as Winton passed away today at 106 years old.

Sir Winton gained his fame after saving 669 Jewish Czech children from the barbaric Nazi death camps. Between 1938 and 1939 he rescued the children and transported them back to the safety of the United Kingdom.

Nicholas Winton saved 669 Czechoslovak children.
Nicholas Winton saved 669 Czechoslovak children.

Winton was a stock broker at the time, he would arrange trains to carry the Jewish children out of Nazi occupied Prague.

Most people who had done such a heroic deed would come home after the war and tell their friends and family all about what they had done. That’s not  the case with Sir Winton. His heroic deeds were all but forgotten until his wife Grete found an old family photo album from 1939 with a list of all the children’s names and photographs.

In the following video, Sir Winton had received an invitation to be a  part of a show called “Thats Life”, which aired back in 1988. He is sitting in the audience unaware he is surrounded by the Jewish Czechoslovakian children and their relatives he saved all those years ago.

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