He Plays “Taps” At The Same Time Everyday. Watch What His Neighbors Do When He Starts Playing…

Every day for the past two years, an entire neighborhood pause from whatever they’re doing in their busy lives for a about two minutes.

For the past two years now, one musician has made it his mission to play the same 24 notes from his balcony every day, rain or shine. As his way of respectfuly paying tribute to our nation and its troops, this musician humbly feels it’s his sacred duty to play this song for his neighborhood. At the same time, each and on every single day, whenever he begins playing, it feels as though time seems to stop.

Watch the heartwarming video below to see how his neighbors react; it’s obviously a special moment for this tight-knit community. When he begins playing his tribute and neighbors start to come out of their homes to listen, it should swell your heart with pride.

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