He Heard Cries Coming From A Bundle In The Dirt. What’s Inside Changes His Life Forever.

While walking to work one morning, Raul Marin Ceja spotted what appeared to be a blanket lying in the dirt next to a canal. When he got closer to see what it might be, he heard what sounded like cries coming from the bundle. He turned on his camera, not knowing if it was a baby, an animal, or a cruel prank.

What Ceja found is what he now calls “a gift from God,” a newborn baby girl, who was so young a section of her umbilical cord was still attached.

He quickly rushed the baby to Zapopan General Hospital in Mexico. He has since learned that she is expected to make a full recovery, and he has made the decision to adopt the tiny little miracle, whose birth parents have not been located.

Call it fate, or call it a miracle, but I think Raul was RIGHT where he was supposed to be at that very moment!

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