He Finally Found Out Who Was Raiding The Refrigerator. The Culprit? Hilarious!

Radio host Adam Montiel wanted to figure out how exactly his dog was opening the doors of the fridge.

“Allie, our 12 year old Yellow Labrador was getting into the fridge and freezer. We couldn’t figure out how she was doing it, so I hooked up a go-pro to find out,”

“My girlfriend taught Allie to open a drawer where Allie’s toys were, we didn’t even think that the freezer itself is a big giant drawer…with food!. But how she opened the doors with her mouth, and at the hinges was incredible to us. Yes we feed her, she is a very smart and loving soul, and we love her more than anything.”

Watch Allie as she rifles through the refrigerator, it’s sure to put a smile on your face. 🙂

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