He Died Just Days After This Mark Appeared. The Reason Is Something EVERYONE Should Know.

When this man passed away, doctors were completely baffled, they had no idea what he died from.

Six months after this Kansas man’s passing, doctors have determined the horrifying cause, a horrible new virus that is hitting the United States.

“Its genome is similar to viruses that have been found in eastern Europe, Africa and Asia, but no virus like that has ever been identified in the western hemisphere,” University of Kansas Hospital infectious disease expert Dr. Dana Hawkinson said. “Certainly nothing we’ve ever seen here,” he continued.

The virus has been named the Bourbon virus because its only victim lived in Bourbon County, Kansas. Dr. Hawkinson’s belief is that this virus is carried by ticks. Symptoms of this virus include fever, anorexia, and muscle aches.

According to the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention, it’s been declared that the man died as the result of an unknown virus that is new to the United States, but it is not yet clear how much the Bourbon virus contributed to this man’s death.

“This was the first known instance and the only confirmed case,” a spokesperson from the Health Department said. “This is a new virus, and we are still learning.”

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