What This Guy Does With Other People’s Babies Shocked Me, But Not The Way You Think.

There is a man in South Korea that is doing something strange with a wooden drop box. It looks like what you would use to drop off your mail, but that’s not what he finds inside. He actually collects other people’s babies… to save their lives. Pastor Lee Jong-rak from the Jusarang Church in Seoul South Korea asks people to place their unwanted children in the box instead of dumping them on the street or in the trash. So they do.

The pastor created this drop box to save the many unwanted children there are in South Korea.



Instead of being left to die, he asks parents to place them in the box.



The box is heated, equipped with smoke detectors and is attached to the church.



Hundreds of babies are abandoned, and typically end up dying in Seoul every year.



But this pastor wanted to save those innocent children.



You wouldn’t think that it’s possible that so many children are left to die in the streets, but it is. The terrible truth is that the pastor’s drop box and ministry helps save the lives of countless children.

If you’d like to donate to Pastor Lee or his wonderful ministry, please visit KindredImage.org.

Source: reddit

We think what this pastor is doing is incredible. Share his wonderful mission and message with others.

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