Grateful Citizens Give Back To Guardian Angel.

He’s known as the “San Diego Highwayman”, and he’s known as being a guardian angel of the road. Since 1966, Thomas Weller has spent his days driving his ’55 Ford wagon on San Diego freeways looking for motorists in distress. When he finds someone how need assistance — someone who may have run out of gas or gotten a flat tire — he stops and offers his assistance.
Weller refuses any money offered for his services. His giving nature dates back to when he was 16 years old. In a documentary produced by Foster Visuals, Weller says he was stuck in a snowbank and when a good samaritan pulled him out and refused to accept any money, it stuck with him.

Since then, the San Diego Highwayman has been paying it forward by helping as many people in his travels. Whenever Weller helps someone in need, he hands a card to the person which simple reads,

“Assisting you has been my pleasure. Pass on the favor by helping someone in distress that you may encounter.”

Weller was setback in 2011 when his trademark car “Beulah” was totaled in an auto accident. Weller says that when Beulah died, it was like a close friend had passed on. “I miss Beulah,” says Weller in the video. “It was like a part of me was killed as well.”

Brent Foster, The man behind the Foster Visuals documentary,  set up a GoFundMe page in hopes of raising funds for repairs on Beulah. It didn’t take long, before $10,000 was raised. A gentlemen named Rick Moore heard Weller’s story on the radio and offered to fix Beulah at HIS cost. According to ABC 10 San Diego, Moore spent over $18,000 to fix Beulah.

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