Glen Campbell Releases Powerful Music Video For His Final Song.

Legendary Country music singer Glen Campbell has released the new music video for his poignant final song, I’m Not Gonna Miss You, and to say it’s a heartfelt vignette would be an understatement.

The song, co-written with producer Julian Raymond, chronicles Campbell’s battle with Alzheimer’s disease, which he was diagnosed with in 2011. Campbell recorded I’m Not Gonna Miss You in January of 2013, for the deeply moving documentary, Glen Campbell…I’ll Be Me, a prizewinning film which follows the personal lives of the 5 time Grammy winner and Country icon, and his wife Kim throughout the Glen Campbell “Goodbye Tour,” which started out as a three-week engagement, but turned into a 151-show national phenomenon.

The heart-breaking yet beautiful music video features scenes from Campbell’s farewell tour mixed with poignant flashbacks from his life, resulting in a touching tribute that fans will enjoy watching again and again. In one of the most powerful verses on the song, Glen sings:

I’m still here but yet I’m gone / I don’t play guitar or sing my song / It never defined who I am / The man that loved you till the end / You’re the last person I will love / You’re the last face I will recall / And best of all…I’m not gonna miss you.

But we will miss you, Mr. Campbell….

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