Girls Singing In Car Takes A Shocking Turn For A Needful Reminder

These four girls give a chilling reminder how quick a fun situation can change. When we are driving and are tempted to use our cell phones, sometimes little thought is given to just how dangerous that choice is. The video begins with a fun lip sync karaoke ride with the girls having a fun time blasting the song “Worth It” by Fifth Harmony. Without a worry in the world they break into a choreographed routine that has them all smiling and laughing together.

But thirty seconds in the driver’s phone goes off and she “innocently” grabs it to answer the call. In that split second of time, lives can be changed forever and her message at the end is a warning that every driver can’t hear enough. Certainly eyes and hands need to stay on the road at all times. It’s just not worth it to look at that cell phone, the risk of consequence is far too great.

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