Entire Neighborhood Puts A Chair On Their Front Lawn For This Touching Reason.

Houston resident Charlie George is somewhat of a local celebrity in his tight-knit neighborhood. He can be seen regularly walking his dogs (and sometimes his cat) along the residential roads, but his Leukemia diagnosis has made these walks much more difficult in recent years. Unsettled by watching the spirit of the neighborhood struggle with his daily routine, one of his neighbors put out a lawn chair to give Charlie a resting place during his walks. When all the other neighbors couldn’t help but join in on the kind gesture, “Chairs for Charlie” was born.

It’s entirely obvious just how much this means to Charlie. Though he is just one of the over 300,000 United States citizens battling Leukemia, through the simple efforts of those around him he probably feels like the most loved. We’d love to hear your thoughts on what this community has done for one of their own, and spread this message of kindness if you think the world could use more people like Charlie and his neighbors.

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