Dogs Line Up At Fence With A Move That’s Melting Internet’s Heart

Most of us believe our furry friends deserve nothing but the best. They’re part of the family and we’ll spare no expense to keep them happy, comfortable and stimulated! That sense of love and respect for our canine companions is the inspiration behind Good Hands Boarding Kennels in Cape Breton, Nova Scotia, Canada. The staff at Good Hands would do anything for their pupper pupils – even if that means braving the chilly Canadian winters to gather them for doggy daycare. Their unique pick-up method is unlike anything we’ve ever seen – and now it’s going viral online for all of the right (super cute) reasons.

Every day, the Good Hands bus driver makes his rounds and stops outside of the daycare customers’ houses. They’ll honk the horn and get out to help the furry travelers into the bus. Rain or shine, snow or sleet, the Good Hands bus makes its way through Cape Brenton. Some of the pups are even sent to “school” with a backpack full of their daily necessities. While the pickup bus is a great feature for the pups and their owners, it’s the facility itself that really keeps the dogs happy!

As soon as the bus parks and the driver releases the dogs from their roadway-safe kennels, the pups sprint into the building. It’s time to party! There are balls, squeaky toys, stuffed animals, kiddie pools and kind staff members to play with! Good Hands is truly a dog’s dream and an owner’s best friend. Learn more about Good Hands’ innovative pickup method and their awesome outlook on pet care below. There’s a reason why this incredible doggy daycare is so popular around town. Now we can only hope other doggy daycare facilities follow suit!


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