Dog Loves His Bear So When He Finds It Trapped In Washing Machine Reaction Takes Internet By Storm

Dogs are naturally compassionate. They are loyal and they won’t leave your side no matter what happens. They’ll follow you around and they’ll just be happy to be next to you.

When Jacqueline Estey realized that her dog Habs wasn’t in bed with her, she got worried and searched for him around the house.

To her surprise, Jacqueline found Habs in the laundry room, sitting patiently, waiting for his favorite toy in the washer!

Earlier that day, she realized that Hab’s bear wasn’t looking that great. It was dirty and definitely looked like it needed a good wash. So, when her dog wasn’t looking, she quietly picked up the bear and put it into her washing machine. She went to do other things and didn’t put a single thought about Habs missing his toy.

You see, the dog has a very special bond with the bear. He brings it everywhere in the house and if his human picks it up, he’ll follow her around until she puts the bear down again. He claimed the toy 3 years ago and they have been inseparable since.

Naturally, when Habs saw his bear in the wash, he couldn’t leave it alone. He sat there and waited patiently for the whole entire cycle to finish. He wasn’t going away from his favorite toy.

While everything was clearly alright, Habs was traumatized by his separation from his bear. Later that night, he woke up and couldn’t find his bear. Since he had last seen it in the machine, he frantically went there to try and save it.

Dogs’ natural instinct’s are to protect the things and people who are valuable to them. That’s why it isn’t surprising for Habs to behave in such a way. He wanted to be sure that his toy is safe. After all, getting caught inside the washer doesn’t seem that much fun, right?

Jaqueline woke up to Habs scratching at the door of her laundry room. Knowing what her dog was up to, she allowed Habs to check the inside of her machine just to assure him that his teddy bear wasn’t trapped inside.

After that, she took the dog to his basket and showed him that his dog was safely sitting there. The dog was clearly relieved after realizing that his toy was with him and no longer in trouble. He curled up in his bed and went back to sleep.

To see exactly what happened, you can watch the video below:

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