Divers Discover This Male Seahorse Giving Birth – Keep Your Eye On His Stomach

Regardless of the species, there is nothing more beautiful than the miracle of birth. Watch as this male White’s seahorse gives birth to his brood of babies out in the wilds of nature.

Seahorses are one of the rare species in this world where the male is the gender to carry the babies. The female will deposit her eggs into the male seahorse, who will then carry them in his pouch for up to 45 days. Once they are fully developed, the baby seahorses will emerge from their father’s pouch in a truly breathtaking event.

This video was taken by two divers, Meagan and Clayton, who were conducting research for Project Seahorse off of Little Beach in Nelson Bay, Australia. It’s fortunate that they decided to share it with the world, because it’s truly a magnificent thing to see – a White’s seahorse giving birth to his babies in the ocean… There’s so much beauty out there on the ocean floor! Thanks to researchers like these – we are able to get an up close look at the amazing world of underwater nature.


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