Man Goes Into A Dentist To Pull 3 Teeth, Gets All 32 Pulled Instead

Christopher Crist was experiencing pain in three of his teeth and went to the local dentist to pull the problem teeth.

Crist sought treatment at Amazing Family Dental in Indianapolis, where due to a”miscommunication” with his dentist,  all 32 of Crist’s teeth were extracted. Crist,  who is diagnosed with autism, was told by his family to relay to the dentist to “pull the three troubled teeth and nothing more.” 21-year-old Christ now faces a lifetime with no teeth due to the dentist’s blunder.
Crist believes the “miscommunication” in question was during a conversation after he was placed on painkillers. Family Dental has not yet commented, but they did send a statement to a local FOX affiliate, stating:
Amazing Family Dental, PC and its Dentist comply with the Health Insurance Portability and Accountability Act (HIPAA) by keeping patient information confidential. This dental office also cooperates with patients by making patient files available to the patient on the patient’s request.
As of now, no legal action has been taken against the dentist, but family members have commented saying they’re planning on filing legal action soon.
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