12 Naughty Dogs Who Just Can’t Handle Father’s Day.

dog shaming photos


1. “Maybe you should keep your teeth inside your mouth, Dad? Just a suggestion.”

Dog Shaming Ate Dads Teeth

Source: Dump A Day

2. “Sorry for upstaging you on your special day, Dad.”


Source: Shame Your Pet

3. “I ain’t even ashamed.”

Dog Shaming Peed on Ladys Blouse

Source: Funny Fidos


4. “Dog-shaming? More like dog-priding.”

Dog Shaming Peed On Dads Head in Woods

Source: Dog Shaming

5. “Sure, I feel guilty about eating Dad’s cake, but mostly I just feel guilty about eating so much cake.”


Source: Shame Dog

6. “I’m sorry I ate your pretzels, Dad, but I mean – come on. They were pretzels. It’s not like they were a pair of really expensive custom Nikes or anything.”

Dog Shaming Ate Dads Pretzels

Source: Dog Shaming

7. “Don’t tell my parents, but I really just wanted to see what was inside the pillow. #noregrets #stuffingaddict”

dog shaming photos

8. “They’re not as fun as they sound.”


Source: Dog Shaming

9. “It’s 2015, Dad. Time to invest in an MP3 player.”

Dog Shaming Grehound Dads CDs

Source: Dog Shaming

10. “I prefer the testicle, if I’m being honest. Way chewier.”

Dog Shaming Testicle

Source: Dog Shaming

11. “Oh, sure, shame the dog for pooping and not the human for taking him to a board meeting for no reason whatsoever!”

Dog Shaming Pooped at Board Meeting

Source: Dog Shaming

12. “I…I actually am pretty ashamed about this one. My bad.”

Dog Shaming Man Bits

Source: Dog Shaming


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