Dad Tells Them To “Smile.” Wait Until You See The Dalmatian’s Response.

Some people love their pets so much that they even include them in family photos. Let’s just say, this dalmatian knows exactly how to work the camera!

Dad gets ready to take a photo with his daughter and the family’s 10-year-old dalmatian, Gabby, and tells them both to “smile.” I don’t think he expected what Gabby did next,  give a big, goofy grin. Gabby smiles big and shows off her pearly whites. It’s hilarious and has the entire family in stitches.

Not surprisingly,  Dad can barely contain himself. He is so proud of Gabby, he runs over to the grinning pooch and gives her hugs and head rubs. You can see how much this family loves their dog, it’s not surprising that she’d be so happy and willing to smile.

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