Costa Rican Man Shares An Incredible Bond With A Crocodile.

Most of us think of crocodiles as dangerous and deadly. You aren’t wrong. They have the strongest bite out of any animal measured, and are not known to form emotional bonds. Some who have formed relationships with crocodiles still end up being suddenly attacked. But this documentary about one extraordinary man and his friend will change everything you thought you knew about crocodiles.

Chito was always a man connected to nature. He regularly would help injured animals, so when he saw an adolescent crocodile injured from a gunshot, he didn’t hesitate to try and nurse him to health. It took three years of patience and dedication. At times, Chito had to chew up fish to encourage the crocodile to eat. See how this giant reptile most considered incapable of love now responds to Chito, even 20 years later.

Chito is no daredevil animal trainer. Rather than try and keep Pocho as a pet, he relates to him as a companion. He learned to speak Pocho’s language. Their relationship is moving in a way I never expected from a crocodile. Were you as surprised as I was? Share your thoughts with us.

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