Broken Pots Turned into Genius DIY Fairy Tale Gardens… This is Brilliant!

The new trend in gardening is turning old, broken pots into beautiful arrangements and fairy gardens. These pots usually suffered an accidental brake or a planned cut. Then the master gardener’s would arrange the gardener into however they like.

While some gardeners work with accidentally broken pieces from a flower pot, most of the unique and detailed creations come from carefully planned out designs. The procedure includes soaking the pot in water, then using a drill or file to weaken the piece you want to break off. When you’re ready to fully break a piece off, switch to a hammer.


cool-broken-pot-cacti-flowers cool-broken-pot-castle cool-broken-pot-decoration cool-broken-pot-fairy-garden cool-broken-pot-fixed-garden cool-broken-pot-floors-layers cool-broken-pot-flowers-garden cool-broken-pot-layers cool-broken-pot-little-bird-houses cool-broken-pot-little-garden cool-broken-pot-little-house-forest cool-broken-pot-little-rocks cool-broken-pot-plants-cacti cool-broken-pot-pumpkin cool-broken-pot-steps cool-broken-pot-stump cool-broken-pot-tiny-bird-houses cool-broken-pot-tiny-house


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