Boy Investigates A Strange Noise Coming From the Trash. What He Sees Leaves Him Running to His Mom.

It was just another school day in Albuquerque for 13 year old Jonathan Flatt, who was walking home when he heard odd noises coming from a nearby field.

As it turned out, those strange noises were coming from a trash bag of puppies abandoned by some heartless people.

In an interview with KRQE, Jonathan says, “I realized these puppies are abandoned, they’re weak and stuff so I called my mom right away.”

Sadly these adorable little pooches were in pretty bad shape. According to Jonathan’s mother, “It took a couple days for them to start to trust us, but then they realized they’re not going to hurt me, this is who is going to feed me, this is who is going to take care of me.”

Thanks to Jonathan, these puppies have a safe and loving home, cared for by people that truly care for them and their well being. Until these pups find a permanent home and family, Jonathan is making sure they have everything a growing puppy needs!

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