Boy Discovers Newborn Under Christmas Tree Only To Be Hit With The Truth Reading Her Shirt

We’re all familiar with the age-old sibling rivalry phenomenon. We see it in TV and movies all the time – siblings not getting along, each vying for their parents’ attention and wanting to out-do the other. Older kids usually want nothing to do with their younger siblings. Of course as they grow older, siblings often call a truce and start getting along.

While that may be true for many kids, it is not the case with 10-year-old Owynn. He has been asking his parents for a sibling – even adding it to his Christmas list to Santa. Owynn must have been a very good boy this year because he got his wish!

Owynn’s parents Stacey and Adam Lindsay have always wanted at least two children. Stacey, having grown up in a big family with 14 siblings, felt that it was important for her own son to grow up with a similar experience. In her Love What Matters story, she explained how they tried unsuccessfully to have another child for seven long years.

After five heartbreaking miscarriages and a failed in-vitro, the couple considered becoming foster parents. They went on to take an introduction to foster care class where they realized how difficult it would be for them to let go of a child they have loved and nurtured when the time came. Ultimately, they decided against becoming foster parents. This was sad news to Owynn who had been looking forward to welcoming a little brother or sister into their home.

Then came the day when Stacey and Adam were introduced to a young woman named Kendra who wanted to place her baby up for adoption. As fate would have it, Kendra chose the couple to adopt her baby girl at birth. As happy as they were with the news, they kept it from Owynn knowing there was still a chance for Kendra to change her mind.

Months passed and on December 6, Kendra gave birth to a healthy, beautiful baby girl named Naylee. Finally, on December 8, Kendra gave the couple permission to take Naylee home with them.

It was an exciting moment as the proud new parents prepared to surprise Owynn with his newborn sister. They wrapped her in warm blankets, placed her under the Christmas tree like the precious gift that she is, and waited for Owynn to come home to find his wish had come true.

When he did finally discover his gift under the tree, it became a scene that none of them will ever forget. His reaction was priceless!

Grab a tissue, because this surprise is just heart-melting.


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