Best Friends When They Were Foals, What Happens When They Reunite Years Later Is Heartwarming.

So do horses remember each other and have emotions? We’re about to find out.

In December of 2012, Sue repurchased Arthur, a horse that she bred but had to sell years earlier. During this period two of Arthur’s playmates from “foalhood”, William who had been with Arthur since they were foals and Harry who arrived as a foal a year later have stayed on with Sue. They moved a few times over the years, and Harry and William have shared their lives with many other horses and ponies. The place in where Sue used to live, where all her horses and ponies grew up in had long been sold, so this reunion took place in a field William and Harry had only lived in for two week, so there was nothing familiar to them. “Would Arthur now aged eight and a half, a thoroughbred sports horse that has spent the last four and a half years in a high class private competition yard have any memory at all of the two hairy New Forest pony playmates he once shared his youth with?” Sue writes. “And likewise, would William and Harry recognize that little thoroughbred guy who was once their best mate?”

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