Baby Was Born Without A Hand. High Schoolers Came Up With A Brilliant Solution.

Two-year-old Kaedon was born with a rare disorder called amniotic band syndrome. This is caused when parts of the fetus don’t get enough blood in the womb. Often times the result is the loss of a particuar limb, in Kaedon’s case, he was born without a right hand.

When Kaeden’s mom learned that the local high school had been creating bracelets and cell phone cases using 3D printing technology, she reached out to them for help. The students found a design for a hand on the internet, and then began the task of creating a new hand for Kaeden with a 3D printer. 3D printing is a relatively new technology. It’s a process that creates 3-dimensional objects layer by layer, allowing people to create almost any object imaginable.


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