Avoid the ‘Secret Sister Gift Exchange’ scam on Facebook

There’s a scam on Facebook that encourages people to be part of an online gift exchange.

The “Secret Sister Gift Exchange” claims that if you buy a gift for $10 or more, your name will be added to a list with several others, and then in return, you’ll get 36 gifts in the mail.

Not only is the offer a scam, experts say it’s also illegal.

The “Secret Sister” post has been shared all over Facebook, and tells those who want to participate to send a private message to get full instructions, which includes a list of names.

The idea of receiving gifts so close to the holidays is tempting, but cyber experts say don’t do it. It’s a pyramid scheme in another form.

Giving out your name and address online means it could end up in the wrong hands, according to experts. And according to the US Postal Inspection Service, chain letters are illegal if they request money or some item of value, and promise a return to those who participate.

This “Secret Sister” post also violates Facebook’s terms of agreement, and if you share it, there is the chance Facebook could block your account.


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