After 40 Years, Man Reunites With Nurse Who Was Kind To Him When No One Else Was

Gary Bentley, from Killen, AL, had open heart surgery in 1975, to fix a hole in his left ventricle. Life was traumatic for him at that time, but there’s one special woman he would never forget: nurse Kathy.

Kathy took a special interest in Gary who had more than health issues going on in his life. Gary and his six siblings were in foster care, escaping the wrath of their alcoholic Father who was also abusiver.

“She was so sweet to me at a time in my life when I really needed someone to show me that there were good people out there that cared and wanted to help,” he said.

Gary never forgot about the woman who showed compassion to him, and he held onto the photograph of them for over 4 decades. Sadly, Kathy was transferred from Gary’s floor to another hospital, and the little boy cried when she went away.

Gary tried to visit her but the hospital wouldn’t let him. All he had to hold onto was a photograph. When he and his wife Gwen posted the photo on Facebook, he was reunited with Kathy with through the kindness of strangers!

Watch the emotional reunion below!
Gary Bentley / Facebook

Gary Bentley was born with many medical problems, including a horse shoe kidney, a condition where the kidneys fuse together in the shape of a horse shoe. Gary had open heart surgery in 1973 to repair a hole in his heart in his left ventricle.

Sadly, there was a bigger hole in his heart: Gary and his six siblings were living under the tyranny of an abusive, alcoholic father. The children were eventually taken from the home and put into foster care.


Gary Bentley / Facebook

When the hole in Gary’s heart hadn’t healed in 1975, he would have yet another heart surgery.

“If you look closely at that little boy in the picture, you can see the despair in his face,” his wife Gwen said. “That little boy had literally been beaten down by that point in life and he was smart enough to know it.”

The couple discovered the photograph of Gary and nurse Kathy who offered him kindness and compassion when he needed it most.

“It’s amazing that that picture has survived because it went through three foster homes and a house fire,” Gary said.

gary1Gary Bentley / Facebook

Gary would never forget nurse Kathy, even though he was only 10 years old at the time.

“For some reason, she was really sweet to me, and I looked forward to her coming in every day,” he said. “She took special interest in me for some reason. When they moved me off her floor, man, I cried.”

Gary would try to sneak to her floor to see her, but the hospital would not allow it.

“I would just like to tell her thank you,” Gary says. “Your act of kindness many years ago — it was appreciated. I haven’t forgot it, and I never will forget.”

When Gary posted the photo of nurse Kathy and him on Facebook and with the help of social media he was able to locate her!

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