Bon Jovi Is Joined On Stage By A Legendary Country Superstar And It’s Amazing.

Bon Jovi and Willie Nelson sang together this beautiful classic song left everyone speechless. The tears were running down faces as they sang the all-time favorite, “Always On My Mind.” This love song has heart-wrenching lyrics that sweetly beckon back a loved one to remember how much they are thought about.
Bon Jovi and Willie Nelson bring out the emotion of the song, with all of the talent they developed over the years for this one duet that has become so well-loved. As smiles spread across their faces, the genuine words flowed, “Little things I should have said and done, I just never took the time. But you were always on my mind.”

It is also deep, thought-provoking song to consider how we treat our loved ones too. Do we love them and help them to know they are a priority? Do we hold them in lonely times? Their stunning performance wakes us up to the fact that now is the perfect time to tell others how we feel, and how much they are thought about.

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