A Newborn Was Flushed Down The Toilet. How Firefighters Rescue Him? Unbelievable!

Firefighters in eastern China rescued an abandoned baby boy lodged in a sewage pipe directly beneath a toilet. Residents alerted firefighters after hearing the two-day-old baby crying in a fourth-floor toilet. Attempts to pull him out failed, so rescuers sawed away a section of the pipe with the baby inside and took him to a local hospital.

Firefighters and doctors spent nearly an hour taking the pipe apart piece by piece with pliers and saws, before the newborn was freed with its placenta still attached. From the time he was found until when he was taken out, the baby was stuck in the pipe for at least two hours.

The 5 lb. 3 oz. baby boy suffered cuts to his face and limbs and is now in a stable condition. Police are looking for his parents and the person who abandoned him is suspected of attempted murder.

What an amazing rescue, thank God someone heard this poor baby’s cries!

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