A New Louisiana Law Plans To Fine Anyone Caught Sagging Their Pants, Do You Support This Law?

baggy pants

Take a walk down any big city, and you will find young men dressed in a particularly unsavory way – with their pants hanging down around their butts.

It has become such a problem in Jefferson Davis Parish in Louisiana that they have now passed a city ordinance that effectively bans anyone from walking around with their pants sagging halfway down – and it’s causing quite the stir.

Those caught in violation of this new ordinance will be fined $50 for the first offense and $100 each subsequent offense. Locals are hoping that this law will curb the troubling fashion trend that still spreads despite it’s interesting origin.

Steve Eastman, a police spokesmen who was interviewed about this new ordinance, says the trend began in the 90’s in jails and prisons. Rappers and celebrities began to imitate the “gangster” look, not even knowing it’s true origin.

According to Eastman, the trend began so that inmates could let other inmates know there was a willingness to engage in sexual relations. Those outside of prison walls began to copy the style, not even having a clue about it’s unsavory origins.

One would think that the information that is easily obtainable online would discourage the style from being so popular across the country, but unfortunately it continues to spread almost 2 decades later. Jefferson Davis Parish has finally decided to put an end to this tacky trend, with other cities and states quickly following suit.

Civil liberties groups have come forward in opposition of it’s passing. According to them, the law targets black men, therefor making it unconstitutional. Unfortunately for them, it appears the law isn’t going anywhere in the near future.

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