A Drone Captures The Breathtaking Funeral Procession of A Fallen Marine.

After Marine Lance Cpl. Skip Wells’ died, he received a funeral befitting the hero that he was.

In an effort to remember our troops and celebrate all of the sacrifices they’ve made in fighting for America, photographer Ethan Andrews captured Wells’ funeral procession via a unmanned drone.

As you’ll see in the 3-minutes of footage, hundreds of people packed the stadium of Wells’ former high school in Sprayberry as they publicly celebrated the life of this fallen Marine.

There were even dozens of parked cars lining the highway as the hero’s flag-draped casket was picked up from the airport.

On Sunday, it was time for Wells’ family and friends to say their final good byes to their American Hero.

“Skip’s life, as short as it was, mattered,” Woodstock Baptist Church senior pastor Johnny Hunt said during Wells’ funeral. “His life made a difference.”

The 21-year-old Wells was one of four Marines killed in a terrorist attack in Chattanooga on July 16.

Wells is now buried at Georgia National Cemetery in Canton.

During his funeral, Wells’s close friend Jarekq D. Aloisio, who shared a life-long friendship with the fallen soldier, shared memories that were both funny and powerful.

“We were always together,” sports star Aloisio said of his marching band bud.

But one memory got everyone at the funeral smiling for a minute.

“I tried getting Skip into skateboarding. He was smarter than that,” Aloisio recalled. After Alosio wiped out, Wells ran over to help. Because he was born to be a military man, he grabbed his friend and shouted lines from his favorite war movies: “Medic! Get me some morphine!”

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