A Dog, 8 Birds And A Hamster Are The Most Unusual Best Friends EVER.

Meet Bob, a friendly golden retriever that lives in São Paulo, Brazil, with his human and his 8 little best friends. The handsome pooch has taken the internet by storm with photos of him posing peacefully with his besties, traveling around the Globe, and just being downright adorable. If this is what a dog’s life is all about, then sign me up!


bob-golden-retriever-sao-paulo-41 bob-golden-retriever-sao-paulo-281 bob-golden-retriever-sao-paulo-241 bob-golden-retriever-sao-paulo-371 bob-golden-retriever-sao-paulo-171 bob-golden-retriever-sao-paulo-541 bob-golden-retriever-sao-paulo-512 bob-golden-retriever-sao-paulo-221 bob-golden-retriever-sao-paulo-131 bob-golden-retriever-sao-paulo-25 bob-golden-retriever-sao-paulo-291 bob-golden-retriever-sao-paulo-gif-4 bob-golden-retriever-sao-paulo-421 bob-golden-retriever-sao-paulo-391 bob-golden-retriever-sao-paulo-821 bob-golden-retriever-sao-paulo-231 bob-golden-retriever-sao-paulo-361 bob-golden-retriever-sao-paulo-151 bob-golden-retriever-sao-paulo-501 bob-golden-retriever-sao-paulo-201 bob-golden-retriever-sao-paulo-641 bob-golden-retriever-sao-paulo-412 bob-golden-retriever-sao-paulo-471 bob-golden-retriever-sao-paulo-105

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