A Couple Is Surrounded By Rough Bikers, Now Watch The Guy On Her Right. WOW!

What would you do if you walked into a movie theater and every seat was occupied by a big tough biker with a mean look on his face? There happens to be just 2 empty seats, and they’re right in the middle of these rough-and-tough dudes. Would you take one of the empty seats, or would leave and ask for a refund?

Well that’s what the following video sets out to explore, when they fill a movie theater with 148 bikers. Watch as innocent couples go to choose their seats, and the shocked look they have when they discover the the theater is filled with a rough looking crowd. How will they react? Some couples are too scared to stay and walk out, while others bravely make their way into the only two seats available, and settle in for the show. But what happens to the bravest couples is why this video has gone viral with nearly 20 million views!

The video was created by Carlsberg Beer, a German Pilsener brewed by Carlsberg Danmark.

It’s a reminder why we should never judge a book by its cover — after all, you could miss out on a good time. When we try to live by this rule, wonderful and unexpected things can happen!

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