9-Year-Old Girl Builds A House. When I Saw Who It Was For I Got Teary Eyed.

Hailey first became aware of the problem of homelessness in her community when she was 5 years old. At that time, she met a homeless man named Edward, so the inquisitive little girl began asking her mother questions. “What happens when it rains?” Where does he sleep?”

With her mother’s help, Hailey decided to build a movable shelter for Edward. Using carpentry skills any adult could only hope for, she began building shelters for the homeless in her community. Building shelter’s isn’t Hailey’s only contributions to the needy.

For 2015, Hailey’s goal is to grow 250 pounds of food, build 12 shelters, and provide basic necessities like medications, clothing, and backpacks to those in need in her town. You can’t help but be completely inspired by watching this young girl’s contributions to humanity! This is a young woman that deserves everyone’s respect!

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