6 Veterans Line Up And Salute. But Look Who Walks In Behind Them, AMAZING!

Ever since Lance Cpl. Ivan Sears was a little boy, he wanted to serve his country. After making it through the intense training of the Marine Corps bootcamp, he had finally accomplished what he always wanted: to become a Marine.

Sears suffered a horrible injury when an explosive device exploded near his feet, causing him to lose both of his legs.

He would go on endure five months of rehabilitation and painful recovery, and has taken his first steps towards getting his life back in order. After his recovery, he was given leave to go home, and it was his arrival home when something amazing happened.

Sears suspected there might be a “welcome home” committee that would welcome him home as he got off the plane in his hometown. But when Sears walked through the entrance of the airport, he was blown away by everyone’s kind gestures. Over 400 people from all over New Mexico showed up to give their well-wishes to this brave young soldier and his new journey.

Sears may still have a long way to go, but everyday is one big step forward, he’s also soon to be fitted for a new pair prosthetic legs.

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