5 Soldiers Slip On Headphones. When They Open Their Mouths, You’ll Have Chills.

Five soldiers from the US and British Armies join forces. However, this time it’s in the recording studio and not on the battlefield. Watch as these military heroes raise their voices to perform a stirring rendition of “Coming Home,” honoring brave servicemen from around the world who protect our freedoms.

This particular video features the “The Soldiers,” a three-man singing group from the UK comprised of Sergeant Major Gary Chilton, Staff Sergeant Richie Maddocks, and Lance Corporal Ryan Idzi from the British Army. According to their Facebook page, these Army members enjoyed a successful run on the 2007 season of The X Factor UK and have since made musical history by becoming the first group of active, British soldiers to have best-selling albums (they’re now double platinum artists in the UK). However, these talented men consider themselves soldiers first and must steal time around their deployments to find time to record together.

In this particular version of “Coming Home,” they’re joined by Sergeant Richard Scarlett and Staff Sergeant Tyrone Basnight of the US Army. Watching these Army men from different countries blend their voices to honor their brothers all over the world is truly something to behold. Tell us your thoughts in the comments below and make sure to share if you found this as moving as we did.

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