20 Month Old Baby Learned To Do THIS Before She Could Even Walk. WOW!!

When Ellie Farmer is working her way up a climbing wall, she sometimes plants her foot or reaches her hand just-so and has to squeal down to her parents, as if to say, “Look! I did it!”

She can scale a wall, but she can’t quite form the words to celebrate yet; she’s 20 months old.

Videos of the rosy-cheeked toddler pulling herself up climbing walls zipped across the Internet this week, drawing millions of views on Facebook in just a few days.

Her parents, Rachael and Zak Farmer, are competitive climbers who always hoped she’d join in the family pastime. Ellie was climbing with her mother throughout her pregnancy and has been a fixture at their local gym in Flagstaff, Arizona, her entire life.

“She’s really been part of the climbing community since birth,” said Zak Farmer, 31. “When she was first opening her eyes, she was at the gym, seeing climbers climb.”

Ellie was climbing before she could walk and scaled her first wall around 8 months.

“I kind of imagined when I had Ellie that she was going to be this calm baby, and we’d always go hiking in the woods, and she’d watch the butterflies go by,” said Rachael Farmer, 28. “That’s really nice, and we definitely have those moments together, but she is a really active kid.”

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